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PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

  • Self-cleaning litter box that reduces odor with no scooping and no mess
  • Easy to set-up, use, and clean. Low power consumption
  • Uses less clumping litter than traditional litter boxes
  • Waste bin can be lined with recycled bags for an easy cleanup
  • 1-year warranty. 6-foot cord plugs into standard wall outlet
  • The Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box needs to be cleaned every two weeks for a single-cat household
  • Note: Simply Clean Litter Box is designed for cats weighing only up to 15 pounds

Product Description

Simply Clean is an innovative, automatic litter box that continuously self-cleans throughout the day. The quiet, slow-moving bowl constantly turns, making one full rotation

per hour. During this time, waste is sifted out and carried up the conveyor belt into the covered, removable waste bin. All you need is clumping litter, and the litter box does all of the work for you.

How It Works

Fill the Simply Clean litter box with clumping, clay litter. For best results, be sure to fill the bowl all the way to the marked fill line.

The slow-moving bowl continuously rotates, making one full rotation per hour.

The waste makes its way to the conveyor and is carried off to the covered waste bin.

Remove the waste bin as needed to dispose of any waste. You can use any small bag as a liner for an even easier cleanup.

Simply Clean Automatic Litter Box Tips

1. Try to keep litter at the fill line marked in the bowl. Using too little or too much litter can cause issues with the bowl motor. Don’t forget to only use clumping, clay cat litter.

2. Routine general cleaning is highly recommended to keep Simply Clean operating its best.

3. Make sure the tab on the litter guard is secured under the conveyor. If not, it can cause a popping sound.

4. Simply Clean is best suited for cats 15 pounds or less.

The PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box is a self cleaning litter box that is both economically and environmentally friendly. With the Simply Clean Litter Box, you will experience no scooping, no odor, and no mess. With no visible moving parts, and no excess noise, it’s safe for your cat and will not disturb him while using the unit. There are no accessories needed to maintain the Simply Clean Litter Box. You’ll save time and money using ordinary grocery bags to line the waste receptacle. Cleanup is fast and easy! Eco-friendly No special bags required No scooping necessary Quiet and simple Bowl moves one complete rotation in an hour No batteries needed u uses low-voltage AC adapter Continuously cleans without disturbing your cat Reduces foul odor and odor-causing bacteria Instructions and packaging in EN and FR

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2M43eUi