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Newport Vessels NV-Series 55lb Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted Trolling Electric Trolling Motor

  • 55lb Thrust – The ultra-quiet, cool and efficient NV 55lb allows you to fish all day long without overheating, or spooking fish and Motor Material -Stainless Steel Hardware for Saltwater
  • 30-inch Composite Fiberglass Shaft – High-strength and fully adjustable shaft allows for proper depth placement in all water conditions
  • 8 Speeds and 6-inch Telescoping Handle (5 forward, 3 reverse) – Ergonomic extendable handle, 5 forward speeds, and 3 reverse speeds puts total control at your fingertips for a smooth and easily controlled ride
  • 5-Point LED Battery Meter – Super bright battery indicator provides immediate charge level. Note: The NV 55lb motor requires one (1) 12V deep cycle or marine battery (battery not included)
  • Maximum amp draw: 52. Saltwater Compatible Hardware – Stainless steel, zinc, and magnesium hardware ensures the motor is ready for fresh or saltwater
  • 2 Year Warranty – We stand behind every product we make with industry leading customer service and a 2 year warranty. Shaft material – Fiberglass composite

55lb Thrust NV SeriesElectric Trolling Motor by Newport Vessels


The NV Series 55lb thrust electric trolling motor by Newport Vessels is a versatile and multi-purpose trolling motor that is made with the highest quality materials and the latest design concepts. This trolling motor is built to last with future-proofing in mind.  With an adjustable 30″ fiberglass composite shaft, the Newport Vessels trolling motor is built to fit all Newport Vessels inflatable boats as well as all other inflatable boats, kayaks, dinghies, tenders, fishing boats, aluminum fishing boats, and inflatables with a transom. The 8 speed control system (5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds) makes for a smooth and highly adjustable ride. The 55lb thrust trolling motor comes with a 3 blade propeller (10 inch diameter) for optimal performance.This transom mount motor is built to be powered by a 12-volt Deep Cycle battery or Marine battery (not included). We do not recommend the use of Lithium powered batteries with any of our motors.

All Newport Vessels trolling motors are contracted with the highest quality materials to ensure a long lifespan. Built with saltwater corrosion resistant materials including stainless steela sacrificial zinc anodefiberglass composite shaft and a fiberglass reinforced nylon propeller, our motors are designed to stand up to whatever you throw at them.


Our California based customer service team is dedicated to your satisfaction with your purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via our website or phone!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to connect the circuit breaker
  2.  – Yes! The 50 AMP circuit breaker that comes with the motor will help protect your motor from electrical damage.
  3. Is this motor waterproof? – The head w/ handle is not waterproof. Light rain is fine but if there is heavy rain, it’s submerged or sprayed directly with a hose, this will cause issues.
  4. What gauge wire are the battery cables and how long are they? – This motor comes with 4ft 10 AWG cables.
  5. How long does this motor run for? – This entirely depends on the battery capacity or Amperage Hour Rating (Ah) on the battery you are using. We recommend a 50Ah battery at minimum. This will power the motor for 1hr at speed 5 continuously and roughly 3hrs at speed 3.
  6. Can the head be spun around for Bow Mounting? – Yes! Please contact Newport Vessels for instructions on how to safely do this.
  7. What if I have questions, a problem or need parts? – Contact Newport Vessels! We are here to support our product before and after the sale.

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